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So I’m still sticking to my plan: Get a demo out as soon as possible.

While I’m still completely new when it comes to game development, I figured a demo might not be the worst way to start. I’m learning to actually do and finish things, I’m seeing what works and what doesn’t. And, which is something I completely overlooked before getting a reply on this reddit post, I would notice things I took for granted or figured they might be easy, and see how they’re not.

Which, of course, is also relevant to animating everything. One of the things I’m trying to do is hand-drawn, frame by frame animation for everything that’s moving in Orbis Fugae. Which isn’t only a lot of work by itself, given that I’m working with 24 frames per animatioin, it also makes me realize the amount of effort between a quick, keyframe scribble and a finished animation frame with straight lines, correct proportions and – oh god – keeping Anyas face the same. I’m getting better at it now, but the better I get, the more I notice mistakes I did on existing frames, meaning: I have to redraw practically finished frames all over again. So yeah, this will take some time 🙂

What else? After at least most animations will be acceptable to me as being “final”, there’s still quite some background work to do, plus I want to heavily rewrite and rework the puzzle on the first room. Turns out, a demo is probably quite crappy if you finish it within mere seconds. Also, music, sound fx, maybe voice overs, let alone proper inventory and options screens, a nice looking title screen, intro and outro.. but I guess that’s something for another blog entry when I’m getting there.

For now, on to more animations!

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