I’m Timo.

I am currently working on Orbis Fugae, a story-driven Point&Click Escape Adventure.
Follow self-crowned Pirate Queen Anya Ophelia Morgan on a world-spanning quest to uncover the truth about her father, a secret treasure, an unknown cult and – most of all – herself.

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  • More animations
    So I'm still sticking to my plan: Get a demo out as soon as possible. While I'm still completely new when it comes to game development, I figured a demo might not be the worst way to start. I'm learning to actually do and finish things, I'm seeing what works and what doesn't. And, which is something I completely overlooked before getting a reply on this reddit post, I would notice things I took for granted or figured they might be easy, and see how they're not. Which, of course, is also relevant to animating everything. One of the things … Read more
  • Animations are hard.
    Turns out it's really damn hard to animate a person if you've never done more than, like 5-frame-animations before. Here you go. https://twitter.com/i/status/1204858813335187460 This started six days ago by now, and it's still far from being finished and presentable. But, but, but! I'm on it! Already tested in Visionaire and it looks, well, kinda alright? At least it's nicer than the really bad animations in the current build. Now on to redrawing all frames (probably) and testing if I should go for outlines or not. Phew.
  • meow.
    Here's some snapshots of the first scene in the game. It's been a bit of work. Now on to like a thousand more. Of course I'm kidding. This one isn't finished.